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Welcome to the presentation site of my private practice in psychotherapy, cristinapop.net.

This website belongs to Pop Cristina Alexandra Cabinet Individual de Psihologie, located in Timișoara, Romania, and functions according to the Romanian laws.


No personal data is collected from you through this website. The only time you will be required to enter any personal information is if you choose to pay online for the psychological services provided by the site owner, but that process happens entirely on the secured website of the online payment processor.

There is one single information that this website stores as a cookie, PHPSESSID, which is necessary for the site to function, does not contain any of your personal information, and is only valid until the end of your visit to the site.


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Conditions of use, guarantees

This website is provided “as is”. The site owner does not guarantee that the webserver hosting the site is free of viruses or other potentially damaging computer software. The site visitor assumes full responsibility for using the website and the information on it.

The content of the site is for information and presentation purposes only, and does not constitute diagnosis, treatment recommendations, or any other type of psychological service. All psychological services take place within face to face sessions or online calls, as contracted with the website owner.


The content of this website is appropriate for minors. The website owner provides psychological services for minors, but these need to be contracted by and payed for by one of the minor’s parents or legal guardians.

Return policy

Online payments for services are only accepted if you pay for sessions we have already contracted, and are not returnable afterwards. Any payment we have not contracted will not be accepted, and your card will not be charged.


Pop Cristina Alexandra Cabinet Individual de Psihologie
Address: Timişoara, str. D. Obradovici, nr. 2, sc. B, ap. 17, Timiş, Romania
Registration code with the Romanian College of Psychologists: 1TM4712
Fiscal number: 33428632
Phone number: +40724320232
E-mail address: cristina.pop.psi@gmail.com