Support groups

A support group is one formed by persons who are facing a similar problem – such as a certain illness, stress in the workplace or in a certain profession, difficulties brought by a certain family situation (for example caring for a severely ill family member, or being a single parent) – together with one or two therapists. The objective is for the group members to develop their capacity and their skills to face that specific problem, and we create the group environment together in such ways that it facilitates the safety and the engagement of its members (for example, by maintaining the membership constant for the entire duration of the group, and by everyone’s commitment to keep confidentiality regarding the other members’ disclosure).

The groups I facilitate are made of 6 to 10 members and meet for two hours every week, for 10 to 16 sessions. Before starting the group sessions, each person who wants to join the group will meet me in an individual session, where we check together their needs and expectations, and if these can be addressed in that specific group.