Self-discovery workshops

The workshops for self-discovery and self-development are neither psychotherapy, neither training, nor coaching, although they have something in common with each of these. Their aim is to help you to better know yourself and to discover new ways of managing your thoughts and emotions, to relate to others, to face difficult situations, to take care of yourself, to choose and to reach your objectives.

These activities include both the presentation of theoretical concepts, and exercises for applying the theory into practice. The balance between theory and practice depends on the topic and on the needs of the participants. I find it important that the participants get involved in the exercises and in the discussions only as much as the choose to do it. This is why, in order to create a safe space for all, we agree from the beginning of the workshop not to talk to anyone outside the group about the disclosures of other participants. At the same time, I encourage participants to get out of their comfort zone at least a bit, because this is necessary to really learn.

Some of the topics of the workshops I have facilitated are: managing emotions, various aspects of communication, team work, creativity. The base on which I build the workshops is Transactional Analysis, to which I add concepts and techniques from any other psychological approach that I find useful for the topic.